Info Jan Martin

vocal, guitar, blues harp, humazoo


I started my music activities in the band YPS, which was successfully playing concerts and releasing records from the middle to the late eighties in Slovakia. In the early nineties I have been touring and playing with the band in clubs and hotels in Norway.
Lately I have focused my interest on live and “unplugged” performances covering songs from The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Sting, Simon & Garfunkel, Red Hot Chilli Peppers etc... During the nineties and in the first years of new millenium I took a part on different TV shows on slovak television channels STV and Markiza. Currently I am mainly playing in clubs and different live music events in Austria, Slovakia and Czech republic.


duo Weribra

In duo Weribra are playing two solo guitar players Martin Zajko or Jiří Vana playing alternatively.

Weribra band

In Weribra band is together with Weribra duo playing also our drummer Dušan Tlolka.

Claudia Obojes

On different gigs in Austria we are cooperating with austrian singer Claudia Obojes, smoothing with her beautifull voice our sound and is also significantly improoving our image.

Martin Zajko



Martin has been playing from the start of eighties in different slovakian bands. His name can be seen on many CD's and LP's made in Slovakia in the last decades. Martin is a brilliant guitar player, surprising us all with his new and fresh music ideas. Go to Jiří Vana or back to Weribra info.

Jiři Vana



Jiri has been playing in different groups in Slovakia including big bands for more than 20 years. Presently he is playing in the group MODUS headed by Jan Lehotsky. He can also be heard playing in the big band of Mr. Zajacek on Markíza and STV slovak television chanels. His style of playing guitar in the Electric Blues Orchestra was allways great musical experience.Go to Dušan Tlolka or back to Weribra info.

Dušan Tlolka



Dušan is as well as Jiří born in Ostrava, where he was gigging in different bands but lately his road has bring him to Bratislava where he started to perform in Mirka Brezovska band and lately in Electric blues band with Jiri Vana and "Boboš" Prochazka. He joined Weribra band in 2005 in a period when the band was playin some bigger events and some drums support was needed. Go to Claudia Obojes or back to Weribra info.

Claudia Obojes



Claudia has started singing as a teenager in different local bands from area around Ötz a little city near Innsbruck in Austria. After short break in her career she joined the team in Snowrock café, where we met and lately we started as a duo playing in different Austrian locations as Kitzbühel, Fieberbrunn or Amstetten, but mainly in area around ski resort Sölden. Claudia loves to sing rock songs and sometimes you might wonder, where her rock voice is coming from, but in recent days she is also taking into her repertoir songs from smooth jazz style. Back to Weribra info

Jan Martin and Weribra



Snowrock cafe - Sölden - Austria
Casablanca Treff - Vienna - Austria
Mulligans pub - Deutch Wagram - Austria